Our services have developed out of 20 years of provision of engineering support to UK airports in particular London Heathrow and Gatwick. These are two of the largest and most complex airports in Western Europe and it’s widely accepted that they are at the forefront of airport development in order to realise their growth within extremely constrained footprints. 

In the past these airports found that by directly engaging the baggage handling OEM, their operation was often compromised to fit the chosen supplier's technology. The impact was often a residual, expensive and inefficient operation or resulted in rising project costs as these constraints became evident throughout delivery of the project.  

Rather than focusing on technology solutions that are linked to a particular baggage OEM, our independence and in depth operational knowledge of baggage handling from an airport and ground handling agent perspective enables us to ensure that the airport and their client’s business objectives and operational requirements are met when defining and delivering a
Our involvement ensures that the final baggage solution is technically and physically possible and achieves optimal operational efficiency.  

Our early involvement avoids expensive scope changes to either the baggage systems or terminal buildings that are often only realised in the delivery stages of the project when those that operate the system become involved. We are able to develop the solution from inception, developing the baggage requirement from the forecast schedules and busy day rates.

We also support our clients in the design and procurement of their baggage systems. We are able to identify the specification at a level of detail that ensures they receive the best-fit technology and are able to manage the efficient procurement with a tight and effective brief. Airport authorities, architectural practices, multi-discipline consultants and contractors usually secure our services.

We also support delivery of the solution into the ‘live’ operation, mitigating operational risk with effective stakeholder management, training and handover strategies.