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Baggage Handling

Are you wondering where to start with your baggage replacement/ extension project? We understand that the first step in defining the appropriate baggage solution is to…
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Passenger Security Screening

Feeling insecure about your passenger security search project?  Passenger search is a critical part of the airport operation and..
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Cargo Handling

The Cargo handling business case is compiled of both revenue and capital expenditure items. To manage these elements you need to engineer your processes and specify your equipment to meet your needs…
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Bespoke Ground Handling Equipment

Sometimes what you’re looking for just isn’t out there! Not every challenge you come across will have a solution readily available in the market. If you know you’ve..
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Need help with Standard 3 HBS?

We are working with major international Airports such as Heathrow, Brussels, Birmingham, Glasgow and Bristol on their ECAC Standard 3 HBS solution

Why choose us?

  • Being experts in all aspects of specialist systems we will design the optimum solution for you
  • We are a lean, specialist consultancy who provides value for money
  • We are completely independent
  • Not being an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) independent approach means you can trust us to recommend only what you need
  • We bring knowledge of previous Standard 3 Consultancy Projects

What do our customers get from us?

Our depth of knowledge of specialist systems is used to cost effectively augment the project teams of airport authorities, airlines, architects, multi-disciplined consultancies and contractors internationally

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Our Value Proposition

To mitigate your risk and deliver your business case you require a predictable performance for a specified price, over the life of the asset. As an independent…

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Reduction in Risk

Our processes are designed to protect your commercial position. The greater the level of independent specification within the supplier contract, the greater value and…

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Our Products & Services

Our products and services are designed to help airports develop leading edge operational facilities for the maximum value. We divide our services into 3…